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Doula Support

Hello new parents.  I am so pleased you're here.
Congratulations on your new tiny team member. 
Whether you are here filled with anticipation, excitement, nerves or total apprehension about the journey ahead of you, I hope you find the Doula who is right for you.
Finding the right doula can help you feel informed, supported and improve parent satisfaction in this transitory stage of life. Doulas can increase the likelihood of breastfeeding initiation and establishment, reduce depressive symptomology and help to support your choices for labour and birth to improve birth satisfaction.

Practical Support      -       Emotional Support    -     Informational Support


Beginning with a free no-obligation 30 minute chat via your method of choice, we can decide what support you are looking for and if I am the person to help you with that. The most important thing to me is your comfort and security.
Should you choose to invite me into your family's space, we can work together to figure out what support you feel you may need and work from there.

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Postnatal Support

The postnatal period is also known as the "Fourth Trimester" and, just as the trimesters of pregnancy, is a time of development. It can be raw, overwhelming, messy and emotional, but has the potential to be joyous and beautiful with moments of wonderful peace and intense happiness with the right support

This support can be whatever you need. I can provide emotional, practical and informational support to you and your family during this time, whether it is preparing meals, breastfeeding support, a sounding board or helping you to rest. 


Antenatal Support


Offering prenatal visits allows us to establish an open and trusting relationship where you can feel safe to share your experiences and feelings. We can explore your choices for your pregnancy, birth and beyond so you feel informed and confident. This time will provide the space to create the all important plans for birth and postpartum and for you and birth partners to feel confident before baby's birthday. Practical support in this time can help prepare your home to welcome your new family member, stock your freezer with easy to prepare meals for postpartum comfort or help you find the information you need for an informed birth and recovery 


Sally, I can't begin to thank you enough for all that you did for me during my pregnancy, and now beyond! Jake and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. You've no idea how much your support has meant. Thank you!


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