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Privacy Policy

Data we may collect

In order to provide services, data to be collected may include

  • Name

  • Area of Residence

  • Contact telephone number

  • Email address

This information will be collected at first contact and stored until a contract agreement has been reached. Should the individuals choose to not proceed with services, this information will be destroyed. If a contract agreement be reached, this information will be kept in order to proceed with services. In addition, other information collected may include

  • Home address

  • Partner contact information (where applicable)

How data is used

None of the data collected will be used for marketing or advertising information unless explicitly requested. Data will be used by us strictly for service-related communications only and will be securely stored (see below). Information will not be shared with any third-parties, unless relating to a referral to other services with written consent from the individual or in the case of a safeguarding concern. In this instance, the individual will be made aware of the information being shared and to whom.

Through the mentoring process, information will be shared with another experienced doula with the emailed written consent of individuals. This information will include name, email address for correspondence and details of work carried out. Individuals retain the right to request that some details not be shared with the mentor should they feel this necessary. They are also able to contact the mentor at any point during the process to query the information they hold and the accuracy of this. This information will be securely held by the mentor and not be kept by the mentor beyond the end of the working relationship.

Where home-visits take place, a third party will be informed of my whereabouts for personal safety, however only the address will be shared.

How data is stored

Electronic data will be stored within a password protected file on a password protected computer. Any contact information stored on a smartphone will be protected by fingerprint and PIN access. Information shared via email is also secured by password. Physical copies of any personal data will be kept in a locked storage file.

How long data is kept

Data may be kept for up to 3 years, after which it will be destroyed, unless an individual requests for this to be sooner, at which point information will be destroyed as soon as possible.

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